About Sales . . .

If you are searching for a Miniature equine, we hope that you will find that special horse among those we have to offer.
  • We put a great deal of care into each Miniature.  It isn't easy to part with them.
  • Our horses receive the best of care with respect to nutrition, hoof, veterinary and dental care, vaccinations and deworming.
  • We alarm our mares and attend the births of our foals.
  • Horses are handled daily, with regular turnout, pasture, and exercise.
  • Most of our horses are registered with both the AMHA & the AMHR, or are eligible for registration.
  • Many are also eligible for registration with the Pinto Horse Association (PtHA).
  • A good home is essential.  We may ask for references about a potential new home for our horses, and we reserve the option to refuse a sale.
  • We invite prospective buyers to talk to our veterinarian, if desired.
  • We enjoy sharing info about Miniatures and are happy to answer any questions that you may have about our horses or VSEs (very small equines) even if you are not buying now.
  • We will gladly work with and assist folks from other countries who are interested in exporting Miniature horses.
  • After a sale, if you have questions about the care and handling of your new little horse, we will be glad to offer our assistance.
  • Prices and availability are subject to change at any time without notice.
  • The current price of the horse is the price reflected on this website.
  • Discounts may be available on the purchase of more than one Miniature horse.
Contract of Sale

A written Contract of Sale will be prepared for the purchase of each Miniature horse and will include the following general provisions, unless otherwise agreed upon and reflected in the agreement:
  • A deposit of 25% of the purchase price will hold a Miniature horse for five (5) days in order for the Buyer to inspect the horse and/or to have a veterinarian perform a pre-purchase exam, at the Buyer's expense.
  • The Buyer may decline to buy the horse within the five (5) day inspection period for any reason and receive a full refund of the deposit.
  • After the five (5) day period, the deposit will become NON REFUNDABLE.
  • Deposits and payments must be made in US dollars.
  • Full payment must be made within seven (7) days at which time the horse will be considered sold.
  • The Buyer is then the owner of the horse and financially responsible for the horse and its care.
  • Buyers are encouraged to consider insurance for the horse, especially if shipping is involved.  
  • Transportation expenses, Coggins tests and health certificates are the responsibility of the Buyer.
  • Miniature horses will be boarded free of charge for 30 days following purchase.
  • Foals will be boarded free of charge until weaned, normally at four (4) months old; date to be specified in the contract.
  • Board excludes routine or emergency veterinary, dental or farrier care.
  • The Seller will deworm the horse at no additional cost to the Buyer for 30 days, if necessary. 
  • The contract will reflect the cost of boarding beyond 30 days payable in advance.
  • Miniature horses are sold "as is" without warranties or guarantees.
  • All sales are final.
Please ask if you have any questions at all about the possible purchase of a Miniature horse.  We look forward to the opportunity to assist you!  We want to see people new to horses, as well as horse people new to Miniatures, get involved with these fine little equines.


Every effort is made to research and present accurate information on this site.  However, given the large amount of data reflected here, we cannot guarantee that there may not be errors in the information, in pedigrees, for example.  We encourage Buyers to do their own 'due diligence.'


Mare for Sale


  • 35.5" black pintaloosa (greyed)
  • Foaled 01/09/01
  • AMHR #211291T
  • By Lil Darling Gray Boys Scootntoot out of Trios Alibi
  • Many Bond & Komoko bred halter & driving champions in her background
  • Produces refinement and movement; excellent broodmare
  • Smart, willing, receptive to training
  • Would be gorgeous in harness
  • Breed her, train her to drive, or enjoy her company!
  • Open for 2014

Mare for Sale