We enjoy helping people new to horses,
as well as horse people new to Miniatures,
to discover these wonderful small equines.

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Stepping Stone Miniature Horses


Our passion is
beautiful, athletic horses
with breath-taking movement
--a sport horse in Minature.

  • Our horses are selected and bred for correct conformation, beautiful movement, fine character and excellent bloodlines. 
  • Horses are available suitable for the show ring, breeding, performance as well as pets and pasture ornaments.
  • Our horses receive the best of care with respect to nutrition, hoof, veterinary and dental care, including vaccinations and deworming.
  • We alarm our mares and attend the births of our foals.
  • Horses are handled daily, with regular turnout, pasture, exercise and training.

Pangraf & Equine Imagery photos -
Casey Campbell, Driver

Home of World Class Driving
& Halter Horse

Rivenburghs Baritone SE
(click here for more info)
Buckskin Pinto Stallion

For driving, showing, breeding and adorable companions--for fun with VSEs (very small equines)--you have come to the right place, located in beautiful Southern Oregon about 65 miles from California.  You will find us about 40 minutes from Medford; four hours south of Portland, and approximately six hours north of Sacramento, off Exit 55 on Interstate 5.

Thank you for visiting our website.  Please visit often as our website is still under construction and changing often.  We hope that you will contact us soon about a visit to the see the horses in person.
Below: Equine Imagery photo

One Step at a Time . . .

A Stepping Stone . . . is defined by the Funk & Wagnals Dictionary as "a preliminary step or stage toward the fulfilment of a goal or a dream."

The development of a breeding program, like the training of a young horse—as with so many other ventures in life—best moves forward in stages, with one level built on the sound foundation of the previous level—one step at a time.

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Quest for Greatness . . .

Though we strive for excellence, we try to remember not to let the illusive quest for perfection get in the way of enjoying our relationships with our horses.

It's the journey with our horses and each other that makes the memories.  They add quality to our lives, and we do our best to ensure that we add quality to the lives of our small equines.
Show Pictures  (Forrest Bliss photo-left)

Adorable Companions . . .

  • Given their economical size, trainability and other fine attributes, American Miniature Horses make fantastic companion animals.
  • Miniatures make excellent companions not only for humans, but for lonely large equines who need a friend.
  • Not everyone wants to compete. Many Mini owners aspire to shine in their own backyards, or in their communities.
  • Some folks just like to have a small equine to love.
  • Entertaining to watch and charming to interact with, Miniatures excel as companion animals that can do parades, visit nursing homes and the elderly, and assist in rehab and children's programs.
  • Miniatures are ideal for people new to horses, especially with kids.
  • They are also great for people who miss the 'big' horses that they once had.

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